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In my mailbox!

So for once I actually have a big in my mailbox. All because of London and their cheap books.

All these I got in London:
Halo by Alexandra AdornettoMatched by Ally CondieWither by Lauren DestefanoPlague by Michael GrantBeautiful creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohland Twisted heart by Eden Maguire. 
and waiting for me when I got home was: Fifty Shades of grey by E L James. This was on sale for barely any money on the webshop I order on so score! 


Today I am leaving for London! :D So excited!


I wanted to wish everyone a happy easter! :D
Hope it's wonderful and filled with yummy chocolate eggs. Myself will go on a chocolate egg hunt in the garden tomorrow :P Should be fun. As every year.

(Pyrus last year as easter)