Release blitz: Ace by Lyra Parish

Title: ACE: A Band of Brothers Novel

Series: Band of Brothers #1
Author: Lyra Parish

Genre: Romance

Release Date: February 22, 2016


My name is Ace and I'm the Ace of Spades.
I'm not nice and I misbehave.
I will be your nightmare.
I will be your dream.
I will have you begging for more of me with each scream.

The truth is in my lyrics.
Uncontrollably controlled.
I bleed many things one being Rock & Roll.

I don't date or make love, I fuck real hard.
Did you know the ace of spades is considered the death card?
Love doesn't exist in my world, it never did.
Love won't exist in my world, it's something I forbid.

My name is Ace and I'm the ace of spades.
Proceed with caution, because I'm sharp like a blade.

The Band of Brothers novels are full length and will follow each brother in the band.
They can be read together or separately.

My rating: 
*spoiler free* 

I love me a good rockstar book and this is no exception! 

Ace Hathway is out on stage every night with his brothers and  every night there's a new woman ready to spend the night with him. Ace is tired of living that way however, he misses the connection, one he hasn't allowed himself since his last break up. He closes himself off and puts everything into his lyrics instead. 
Elizabeth Riley works for the magazine PHASE and when her boss sends her on tour with the band Band of Brothers she isn't exactly overjoyed about the prospect of being on tour with a bunch of rockers, she's determined to do her work right though and get what no one else has before, an interview with Ace Hathway. 
Elizabeth is not Ace's type, but for some reason he can't stay away from her. 

"You're interesting, Elizabeth Riley."
"No, I'm not. I'm a girl who loves to play music and loves to write. There's nothing interesting about that."

Both are trying to deny that there's anything between them.
But before long they both have to give up and see if there's more there or not. Will Elizabeth fall for the bad boy rocker and Ace for the opposite of what he though he wanted. 

What I liked about this book is that it's a rocker story, but yet it's different. The girl isn't falling for his charm right away, instead she's just trying to do her job and same goes for Ace. While he might like to tease her a bit he doesn't go straight for Elizabeth just because he has to prove to himself or anyone that he can. It takes time for both of them to find their way. It isn't exactly your "typical" rockstar book in the best way. Definitely a bit different from others I have read so it was a nice change to read it. To keep it spoiler free won't reveal too much, but I liked that we actually get to see them together instead of the whole they sleep together and then something goes wrong and in the end they're back together without even seeing the couple together and experience their happiness- this however offers that and I loved that. 
Also while Ace was one awesome rockstar I can't wait for the next books either! The twins cracked me up, so hilarious. 

A must for anyone who likes rockstar books! Great characters, good writing and awesome story. 

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Excerpt from Chapter 1.
Subject to Change.
Unedited. © 2016 Lyra Parish.

Tonight I would fuck the blonde in the front row who continued to visually rip my clothes off with every little blink she took. Her tits were hanging out of her shirt and she licked her lips and batted her eyes at me. The set was nearing the end and I could feel her gaze. When I looked away and back at her, it was like her eyes had never left me. I liked when a woman knew what she wanted.
Blue and green lights flashed over the stage then washed across the crowd. When we made eye contact again, her tongue traced the outside of her plump bottom lip and at that moment I knew she was DTF. Her being down to fuck made this so much easier but then again, being the lead singer of the Band of Brothers made panties magically melt. I'd be her fantasy for the night. I'm sure there would be many more one night stands considering each show from Florida to New York, all the way to California was sold out.
The drums beat on as I screamed out the next few lyrics. "I won't let the world decide. I'll die before that happens."
The drums stopped and the distortion was cut leaving a melodic strum of Nikolas's guitar.
The lights faded when walked off stage leaving the crowd screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs. Jex, Nic, and Rex had huge smiles covering their faces as they chugged the water the technicians handed us. This would never get old. Moments like this were the ones we lived and worked for. Once the chanting and clapping rose to the maximum volume, the four of us walked back onstage and gave the fans what they wanted, an encore.
Green and yellow lights flashed over the crowd and smoke hovered at the bottom of the stage. We played three more songs. People sang and swayed to the lyrics and music. Some jumped up and down, feeling the full beat of the drums while others banged their heads. The feeling of having thousands of people chanting my words would never become real. More often than not, I felt like I was in a dream, one that I never wanted to wake from.
During the last song, I pointed to the blonde. By the way she was dressed in a tight pink shirt and a skirt that showed the bottom of her ass cheeks, I knew she wanted to be seen. She could have possibly had this night planned from the beginning. Randomly, I chose a few others from the crowd to join us, to dance in front of our audience, to feel the temporary power. It was something I did every show, every tour. It was a habit of sorts.
Security helped the girls climb on the stage and they lifted their arms and shook their asses. Before the song ended, the technicians led the girls' side stage as cannons of small fireworks shot from the floor. After the final song, my brothers and played the crowd and threw drumsticks and guitar picks. The yelling didn't stop for minutes and the audience realized we weren't coming back out. I walked side stage where girls anxiously waited us. I smiled, popping an eyebrow at my chosen woman for the night, and she instantly came to me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and hers hung on my waist. My brothers stopped in the green room with the other girls, but Blondie and I walked to the bus.
"I'm Lindsey," she whispered in my ear before we reached the end of the hallway. I smiled at her and pushed open the exit door. Groupies and fans waited near the bus and as soon as we walked up they rushed it.
"I'll be out in a bit," I said, smiling at them with pearly whites. "My brothers are coming out that door over there. Really soon."
I hated to out their exit strategy, but I wanted to take my time burying my dick deep inside Misty or Christy or whatever the fuck her name was. It didn't matter. Names never did.

Author Bio

Lyra Parish loves to write, glamp, and sing obnoxiously loud at the top of her lungs in the shower. Sweet love stories (along with the dirty ones) make her gush. She is a firm believer that a person can never have too many cups of coffee, cats, or happily ever afters. When she isn't busy writing, she can be found sipping various beverages from her non-alcoholic drink buffet, pimp slapping excel spreadsheets, or riding her bike. Lyra lives in Texas with her glassblowing, guitar-playing hubby and black cat named Nibbler.

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