Woods Wednesday #11

Woods wednesday is in dedication to a story me and Stephanie from Bookfever have going on Goodreads. I am currently editing the story and to make that move faster I have decided to start Woods wednesday. It will mean that every wednesday I will share a picture, collage, maybe even a little teaser from some of the previous added chapters or maybe even some from the part that we are currently working on. It could also be a characters bio, an interview with one or one of the many facts about Geoff Woods.And of course also add a new chapter (hence making it move faster) to Goodreads every wednesday.

This week I once again have an interview with none other than our Geoff Woods! This time it's our friend Jenn doing this great interview with Geoff. Enjoy ^^ 

* Jenn 

1. If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be?

Terry. So he would be able to see Claire and his little girl.

2. In three words, how would you describe Criss?

Tough one.. Energetic as one. 
(Slightly) crazy. 
He's really a good guy so the third must be a good friend.

*grins* Who doesn’t love a little crazy?

3. What song would you say sums up your relationship with Krysta?

*Grins* S&M by Rihanna.

4. Name your three favorite things.

Things then it will have to be cooking, playing the piano and sex. *chuckles*

5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Well of course I would go to Belgium and Denmark to see Stephanie and Christina. *grins* Just say the word and I can come see you, too *winks* 

*blushes* I’ll be waiting in the States, Geoff.

6. What's your all-time favorite movie?

Well, me and Aedan watched Despicable me not too long ago and it was really good. Aedan loves the minions. 

Minions are good!

Thanks again for chatting with me Geoff! I had a blast!

Thank you, Jenn! I'm sure Geoff will visit soon ;D 

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  1. This interview was fun to do! Jenn asked really good questions. ^^

  2. Thanks for letting me interview Geoff girls!

  3. Will there be anything from their kids in the Woods Wednesday? :)


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