Woods Wednesday #9

Woods wednesday is in dedication to a story me and Stephanie from Bookfever have going on Goodreads. I am currently editing the story and to make that move faster I have decided to start Woods wednesday. It will mean that every wednesday I will share a picture, collage, maybe even a little teaser from some of the previous added chapters or maybe even some from the part that we are currently working on. It could also be a characters bio, an interview with one or one of the many facts about Geoff Woods.And of course also add a new chapter (hence making it move faster) to Goodreads every wednesday.

Today I am very excited for Woods Wednesday since me and Steph had our friend Emilie do a interview. We thought that Criss and her would get along very well so we chose him to her.
So here it is: 


 Hello, Criss! Thank you for taking your time with me today. I'm very honored!

No problem, gorgeous. *winks* Any friend of Christina's and Stephanie's is a friend of mine. I'd love to answer some questions. So shoot!

1. Now on to first question. If you had to describe yourself with 3 positive words, what would those words be?

Unbelieveable hot, great in bed and I'm just pure awesomeness *grins*

2.If you had to describe yourself with 3 negative words, what would those words be? (I'm sorry, darling, but the contract says you have to answer ALL my questions)

*chuckles* You assume I have anything negative about me. But, sure, if I have to. *sighs* 
-Stubborn. As pretty much all werewolves are.
*waits for a long time* Shit this is hard...
-A little too awesome for some people *coughslutKatecough*
-So good looking it hurts people's eyes.
There! *smiles innocently*

*gives the evil eyes* Well I suppose, that'll do..

3. So I hear around town that you've got a thing for Alyson. Care to share what it is that makes her so special? Not that I'm jealous or anything. *cough*

Aly. *Looks to the side at someone*  She's the love of my life. That woman *shakes head* she gets me. Something in your throat there? *chuckles* I'm used to woman reacting like that. Aly doesn't like it though. Says I'm not allowed to make other women's panties drop with my grin. It works every time though. Even on her. 


4.If you could choose one superpower (that you don't already have as a wolf) what would that be?

I suppose this doesn't count my incredible good looks? *winks at Em again*
Oh well... if I could choose one I'd pick to fly. It must be so cool to fly all over town, seeing everything from above. And of course I could totally sneak up on people and scare the crap out of them. Muhahaha. 

5. If you were the last person on earth with Geoff, would you sleep with him if that could save the world? (I could always take his place if that sounds better though)

Yes, suppose I would. From what I hear when him and Krysta is getting nasty- he's good. She practically screams bloody murder every single time. Although I wouldn't mind you being there *winks* 

Em: Oh, a threesome! If Geoff doesn't want to we could always just blindfold him.

6.Last but most important question: On a scale from 1 to 10, how awesome are we? Personally I'd say pretty fucking awesome.

Pretty fucking awesome says it all. On a scale from one to 10? Definitely more than 10, maybe a 69? Nah, just kidding. *smacking noise* Aw, Aly, don't hit me! I'm just messing around... Okay, okay! 
Sorry about that. *Looks sheepishly*

Oh, 69 what a beautiful number! Thank you so much, Criss! You have my number if you should ever need me *wink wink* 

*grins* I'll be seeing you. Definitely. 

And that's it!
Thank you, Em for doing this! Turned out great! Criss already misses you ;D 

You can check out the story on Goodreads here
(New chapter every wednesday)
Or go to our page on Facebook here


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