Release blitz: Miami Hush Club Episode 1 by Michelle Warren (excerpt + Giveaway!)

Miami Hush Club by Michelle Warren






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Miami Hush Club: Book 1 By Michelle Warren
Ten years ago
The moment playing out before my eyes is ripe with irony.
My boyfriend is having sex, but not with me. Even though we run a wildly successful escort service together, I expected Casper to be faithful. What a lovesick fool I was. Instead, it’s me who’s being fucked as I helplessly watch my sister and best escort, Alex, sit atop Casper’s dick, enthusiastically riding him into next week.
At first I’m frozen in shock, so the situation crashing down on me is momentarily unfathomable. In some ways, it’s a nightmare that makes no sense.
My heart stops, collapsing in my chest and sinking into my gut as I desperately try to hold myself upright. Or maybe those are my malfunctioning lungs, unable to inhale the thickness of betrayal-laced air. Either way, it’s only my vision that continues working. My eyes soak up all the information, piecing together fragments of incomprehensible images as my brain tries to catch up.
Casper and Alex don’t even realize I’m here watching them because they’re too caught up in screwing to the rhythmic beat of the blaring music that’s making the condo’s walls vibrate. Still, the music isn’t enough to drown out their escalating moans of pleasure.
I want to break out of this hell but I’m mesmerized, watching his hands grip the curve of her hips, his fingertips sinking into her soft flesh, and his muscular arms flexing as they lift her body effortlessly, controlling the speed of their wild and ferocious coupling. Rising up, he takes her breast in his mouth and then drags his tongue along her collarbone, right before their lips connect feverishly.
It’s at that moment that I realize that this is more than a mindless fuck session, because Alex never kisses her clients. Ever.
They’re together.
At this new understanding, my gut roils as my brain kicks in and attempts to process this. How long has this been going on? Why would the two people I love most do this to me?
But the need for answers is quickly overcome by the surge of intense fury shooting back to my heart, delivering a jolt of electricity, jump-starting it in erratic beats. Now it’s exploding with a dangerous concoction of emotions—rejection, sadness, doubt.
And anger. Lots and lots of anger.
As if my body can’t take the boiling volatile mixture, my hands begin to shake, my muscles convulse, and finally I erupt, releasing a strangled scream.


  1. IIf you could have any one item, one trip, one experience, etc., what would it be?

    I'd love to go on a trip to Ireland (or wherever the hell he is at the moment) to meet Eoin Colfer! ;)


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