Woods Wednesday #6

Woods wednesday is in dedication to a story me and Stephanie from Bookfever have going on Goodreads. I am currently editing the story and to make that move faster I have decided to start Woods wednesday. It will mean that every wednesday I will share a picture, collage, maybe even a little teaser from some of the previous added chapters or maybe even some from the part that we are currently working on. It could also be a characters bio, an interview with one or one of the many facts about Geoff Woods.And of course also add a new chapter (hence making it move faster) to Goodreads every wednesday.

Today I want to share the first chapter of the story along with some facts about Geoff.
First off, here's the first chapter: 

Krysta was walking through the woods and it started raining, so she went to hide under a tree. She waited until the rain would stop but it didn't. It kept on raining and suddenly there was thunder, she screamed, because the thunder frightened her. There was a noise coming from upstairs, she looked up and saw a tree branch breaking and falling toward her. "Oh, crap." she said, standing frozen not knowing what to do. Then something knocked her out of the way. She couldn't see who or what, it was, only a blur."What the.." she said. "CRAAASH" Then the tree branch crashed heavily to the spot where she was standing two seconds ago! "Son of a.." Before she could finish the sentence she heard something behind her and suddenly she was in the other end of the clearing, looking at the branch. "What the hell just happened?" she asked out loud. Out the corner of her eye she saw something moving. She tried to follow it with her eye, but it was too fast. She heard someone chuckle and got to her feet, looking around the clearing. Thére a few feet from her stood a guy. She couldn't see his face it was too dark. She swallowed and it sounded like thunder in her ears. He approched her slowly. "Okay now," she said, backing away. "Take it easy, I don't want to hurt you." she heard a chuckle. She felt behind her to try and get a sort of weapon. All I found was some broken pieces of wood bark. She took a big piece of bark and held it out in front of her. "Please," she said” I don't want to hurt you just let me go". She saw the person come closer and screamed. He put his hand before her mouth and whispered, "Please don't scream." She did as he said. "Who are.." she started but he held a finger before his mouth and made a "Shh" sound. "Someone's watching us." We stood perfectly still, listening. He's standing very close to me, she thought. Suddenly he turns towards the other direction, still holding her. "Stand still," he told her. "And get behind me" Suddenly something came crashing through the other trees. It was just a part of a tree trunk and wrapped around it was a piece of paper! Krysta reached for the paper, curious, but he stopped her. "It may be a trap." then he reached over to take it and suddenly he howled with laughter! She raised an eyebrow at him. "What's so funny?" she peeked over his shoulder. "and what the hell am I doing in a clearing with a complete stranger who acts superman one second, James bond the other and laughs like he's just seen a part of a Mr.Been movie?” she was totally weirded-out by this point and her patience was wearing off. He passed her the paper, trying to catch his breath. He took a step back, as if in shock about her outburst. She couldn't take this anymore, she had to get out of here. He took her hand to stop her. "I'm sorry. It's just, I wasn't expecting it to say what it did. It's rather lewd, and it caught me by surprise." she stepped away from him. He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her fingertips, surprising her. "Please don't go..." she looked at her hand. "Why shouldn't I go?" He smiled sadly. "I love you, Krys. I've been trying to tell you for so long, but I could never find the words." She gave a confused look "how can you love me? You don't even know me." He smiled. "I just do. I don't know why I feel the way I do. But my heart tells me you are the one." "This is ridiculous," she said. When he kept smiling at her, she added, "And creepy!" He sighed sadly, kissing her fingers once more before releasing her hand. "I'm sorry if I've offended you. I hope one day you will understand." she wanted to say something, ask him what he meant but he disappeared through the opening in the clearing. Understand what? She thought, annoyed. "Who areyou?" But he was already gone. So many thoughts are swirling in her head. Who was this mysterious guy? Why did he make her feel scared and yet so, excited? She can still smell the scent of him on her from being so close, and she likes it. She looked around the clearing. She needed to get out of here. 
He was sitting high in the boughs of a tree, gazing down on the cabin. He would watch from a distance, doing whatever it took to protect her, even though she would, likely, never return his love.
And here are the first 3 facts about Geoff Woods: 

1. He's hotter than hell! 
2. He always tries to take his shirt off when he's upset. 
3. He's hotter than hell. (worth repeating)

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  1. He always tries to take his shirt off when he's upset.

    People might think it is weird but it's actually awesome! :D

    1. It's really awesome! And Krysta always teasing him with it.


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