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Reasons not to Fall in Love

By: Kirsty Moseley

Release Date: June 6, 2014

Genre: Romance


Young mum Bronwyn Reynolds is devoted to her little boy Theo, but she's married to a not so devoted husband! Juggling two jobs to make ends meet, Bronwyn's self-esteem is at an all-time low.

Enter Harrison Baxter.

Harrison is confident, flirty and breathtakingly handsome – and everything Bronwyn's husband is not! What's worse is that she knows every sexy thought about him is forbidden, which makes him all the more tempting.

The only woman that ladies' man Harrison has ever wanted is one he can never have. Bronwyn has left her mark on him, and he can't get her out of his mind no matter how hard he tries!

Bronwyn and Harrison have every reason not to fall in love, but are they brave enough to break all the rules?

About The Author

My name is Kirsty. I was born in Hertfordshire, England. In 2000 I moved to Norfolk, it was there that I met my husband, Lee. Now, what can I say about Lee, apart from everyone should have one? He's my biggest supporter, and I wouldn't be where I am today without his encouragement and endless support. He is my inspiration behind most of my male leads, I always try to bring a little of him in somewhere, be it his kindness, selflessness, or just his ability to make me feel treasured.

In 2005, I was gifted with the birth of my son. He is, and always will be, the best thing I have ever done in my life. As you can probably tell,  I'm a very proud mummy.

I have always been interested in writing, but after the birth of my son I accidentally came across an amateur writing site. After a couple of months of just reading on there, I finally plucked up the courage and posted one of my stories. I was shocked and overwhelmed by the support of readers on there and they gave me the confidence to get where I am today.

In April 2012, I self-published my first novel 'The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window'. And in October 2012 I took the plunge again, publishing my second novel, 'Always You.'

Lastly, if I had to sum myself up in one word, it would probably be 'daydreamer' – but unlike most of my school teachers, I don't necessarily view that as a bad thing. After all, I read somewhere once that books are like waking dreams….

Excerpt 1

There was no longer any love between us; hell, we barely even tolerated each other at times. Sometimes I even struggled to remember what it was that I saw in him the first place. Usually I convinced myself that it was his looks that I fell for, though even those had lost their appeal to me because I knew he'd rather be off sleeping with other girls than me. Ours was a marriage of convenience, even though it was inconvenient most of the time. Another reason I was with him was because I didn't have the energy to find anyone else. I'd been young when we'd gotten together, merely seventeen, and I knew that the dating scene had moved on pretty rapidly since I was last a part of it. In my opinion, I was too old to be single again, so I'd just have to suffer and grin and bear it. Many women went through their lives in an unhappy marriage. I was no different to any of them. Not everyone found their Mr Darcy and lived happily ever after, some people just had to take what they could get and be thankful. Clearly I was one of those people.

Excerpt 2

I blinked a couple of times, trying to come back to reality because looking at him made me feel a little weird inside. Harrison. I'd heard of this guy. He was the one who was in business with Brandon. The two of them had both been made redundant from their advertising jobs last year and had decided to go into business together instead of looking for another job. Skye and Brandon had become extremely good friends with this guy over the last year, so I'd heard. I'd never personally met him, but now that I knew who he was, I knew to stay away. Harrison Baxter was a ladies' man and fancied himself as Bath's answer to James Bond, apparently.

One of the gorgeous stranger's eyebrows rose. "Married, really? Damn, all of the hot ones are always taken or gay. Why is that, do you think?" he mused, cocking his head to the side playfully.

His voice did funny things to my insides. I was lost for words. Nothing was coming out of my mouth at all, so I just looked back down at Evie who was nestled comfortably in my arms.

"You happily married?" he probed, stepping closer to me. The heat emanating from his body to mine was making me feel a little jittery and I couldn't stand still.

No, not at all. I gulped and nodded in answer to his question, trying to ignore the feelings of lust and want that were battling inside me. It was wrong for me to feel like this. I knew it was. I was married, and although Finn cheated on me occasionally, I would never do the same. "Happy married with a child," I confirmed, nodding. Only part of that sentence was a lie. I did, in fact, have a child – I had just never been happily married.


My rating: 

This was such a sweet short story. 
Bronwyn works two jobs to make it through to make sure her son, Theo can have the life he deserves all while being in a unhappy marriage with a man who's more into sitting around playing games with friends, get drunk, cheat and gamble than helping Bronwyn. 
One day she meets her sister's husband's business partner, Harrison. She knows she can't have him which makes him that more tempting. 
Bronwyn struggles with her self-esteem due to her relationship with her husband who she's only with because she doesn't want her son without a father. Bronwyn and Harrison stay connected throughout the years as he attends many family functions. Their flirty banter and conversations always comes easily and it's easy to spot that they're both attracted to eachother, but can't do anything about it since Bronwyn is married. Despite her husband cheating, she doesn't. 

“The little glint to his eyes was making butterflies swoop around in my stomach, and if I wasn’t married, if I didn’t have a five year old waiting for me at home, two jobs and rent to pay, I would push him down onto the tiled floor and ravage his body until he begged for mercy.”

This might be a quick read, but that doesn't make it any less amazing. It's easily done in one sitting as it has you turning page after page to see what will happen next and hoping that Bronwyn will finally see who she should really be with. You're rooting for her and Harrison and just waiting for them to be together and hoping that Bronwyn will see that her husband is no good and no matter what he will never change and that she can make it on her own,  to see that her and her son could get through it. 
Despite it being short it didn't make me any less invested in the characters. I quickly saw who I loved and who I hated and it didn't take much of the book to feel like I've known these characters forever. 
I felt like I had just started the book when it was over and yet, with all that had happened I felt like I had read a full lentgh novel.
I truly wished there were more of this book. I wanted more of Bronwyn and Harrison's story, to see how it went afterwards. I suppose I wanted more of their happy end and really see that they are happy and together. 

"I don't want just one night with you Bronwyn; I never did, not with you."

Kirsty Moseley did not disappoint with this short story. It was beautiful and wonderfully written. A story you quickly fall in love with along with believeable characters who sometimes struggle with life, just like everybody else. 
A must read for anyone who wants a short, but sweet story. 
It's incredible how Kirsty can completely capture you and drag you into Bronwyn's life in just 81 pages. Reason Not to Fall in Love is a astounding short story. 

Author interview:



Hello Kirsty Moseley and welcome to Booksane. So great to have you!

1. What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was a kid. I love that writing can make you someone else, that you can live your dreams without leaving your house. I’ve always dabbled in writing but it wasn’t until 2010 when I stumbled across an amateure writing site that I started showing people my work. 

2. What do you find to be the hardest part about writing?

Starting. Literally starting, be it a new chapter or a new book. The flashing cursor at the top of a blank page just intimidates me to the point where I have to copy and paste something in there to fool my brain into thinking it’s not anything new - then I delete it again once I’ve gotten myself going! Weird, I know!

3. What's the best part of writing?

Knowing that a character that you’ve created and loved, has touched someone else. I’ve had some feedback from people that have been in similar situations or have lost someone and they’ve written to tell me how touched they were and how inspired they are to carry on and smile everyday. That is the most amazing part of writing.

4. Any funny writing quirks?

Well, other than the freaky I-can’t-start-a-new-chapter-with-the-cursor-flashing-at-me thing…. I can’t write without music being played quietly in the background. I also can’t write if there is someone else in the house with me. I try and try but knowing someone else is there just distracts me to the point where I give up until I get some alone time!

5. Out of the all the characters you've created, do you have a favorite?

This is a tough one because I literally can’t decide between two of them. Anna from Nothing Left to Lose and Rosie from Enjoying the Chase. Anna because she’s been through so much adversity yet still manages to hold on to hope, despite her best efforts to not allow anyone past her barriers. And Rosie because she is an amazing mum that would do anything for her child.

6. 2 or 3 books that you think is a must-read?

Harry Potter (all of them though I know that’s technically cheating as it’s seven books), The Hunger Games, and The Green Mile by Stephen King.

7. Who's your favorite author(s)?

J K Rowling - the woman is a literary goddess. Stephen King - my first obsession with horror!

8. 4 things that describe you as a person?

Short. Sarcastic. Hopeless romantic. Chocoholic.

9. Anything to add? 

Just wanted to say thanks so much for taking part in the tour, I really appreciate your help in promoting the book.

Kirsty x

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