Woods Wednesday #28

Woods wednesday is in dedication to a story me and Stephanie from Bookfever have going on Goodreads. I am currently editing the story and to make that move faster I have decided to start Woods wednesday. It will mean that every wednesday I will share a picture, collage, maybe even a little teaser from some of the previous added chapters or maybe even some from the part that we are currently working on. It could also be a characters bio, an interview with one or one of the many facts about Geoff Woods.And of course also add a new chapter (hence making it move faster) to Goodreads every wednesday.

Tweet from the Woods house: 

@KrystaTheWicked Puppy nap time! <3>

And also a collage made by Stephanie @ Bookfever with the main man Geoff Woods:

The Geoff Woods (featuring Nick Bateman) collage ^^

 You can check out the story on Goodreads here
(New chapter every wednesday)
Or go to our page on Facebook here


  1. Awww! Puppy nap time is the cutest. Wolf looks exhausted! And more collages featuring Nick Bateman to come in the future, I'm sure! ;)


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