Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge - Day 1: Your Blogger Resolutions

Hosted by Rachel @ParaJunkee


Day 1: My Blogger Resolutions

1. Read more. 
Yeah, maybe a reader resolution, but reading more will benefit my blog so yeah, why not. 

2. Do reviews before starting a new book 
I always end up getting sooooo behind on my reviews because I just start a new book and never get around to doing my review until too long after I've actually read it. So from now on I want to do my reviews before even starting a new book. 

3. Re-read some of my favorite books (and re discover just how amazing they were.) 
There's so many loved books that I would love to read and sometime all I do is read little parts, but this year I really want to be able to read the whole thing and really re-discover them and how much I loved them. 

4. Get to know more people 
I want to get to know more bloggers and readers etc. 

So that's it. Those are my resolutions for 2014.


  1. Great blogger resolutions!
    Reader resolutions FTW! And re-reading also.
    Even though that's so hard for me. :)

  2. Great resolutions! I always am behind on reviews as well. I don't know if I could ever stop from reading to catch up though. :)

    My Blogging Resolutions

  3. I need to review more too! It is so easy to just want to jump straight to the next book!


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