Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge - Day 14: Blogging wish list of 2014.

Hosted by Rachel @ParaJunkee

Day 14: Blogging wish list of 2014. 

Last day of the challenge. I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge, it has been a lot of fun and a great way to put into words what I want to do with my blog this year and a way to connect with some other blogs as well. 

Okay, so blogging wishlist.
Well I hope to be able to review more arcs and get more into netgalley and edelweiss. Meet a lot more blogs and take part in more challenges. 
Other than that continue with taking part in cover reveals, blog tours etc, and of course read a lot more. 
Another wish that will benefit my blog is to get a kindle! It would just make it a lot easier to read all of my e-books and books from netgalley and edelweiss. It gets pretty annoying and goes really slow when I have to turn on my computer to read and really my poor phone, never have power on it cause the kindle app sucks up all of it if I use it a lot. So let's hope that happens this year. 


  1. They seem all accomplishable wishes, especially since most of them are up to you...I want to put more effort into my blog this year too, though I don't have all that time on my hands. But I want to have fun with it as well, or blogging will turn into a chore. Since most of us mentioned connecting with other bloggers more and participating in other challenges, I guess we'll have lots of chance of meeting again!
    Good luck with your Kindle :).

  2. Hope you're able to get your Kindle this year! I love my nook, as it makes reading so much easier than reading on my laptop.

  3. Good luck with all your wishes and yeah getting a kindle will probably help immensely I know mine has and NetGalley is awesome/addictive.

  4. Good luck getting your Kindle. A couple years ago, I had the goal of getting a new camera to support my photography. I just dropped all my spare change at the end of the week in a jar. That, along with some Christmas gift cards, I was able to afford my fancy-pants camera!


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