Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge - Day 7: Top ten Book Blogger pet peeves

Hosted by Rachel @ParaJunkee

Day 7: Top Ten Book Blogger pet peeves. 

Tough one.. let's see

 1. Reading and blogging funk - This is me. Sometimes I just get in a reading funk and a blogging one. I don't read and I don't go on the blog and post my usual things I participate in. 
 2. Authors or bloggers that act negatively about reviews, posts and so on. 
 3. Spoilers in Reviews - at least warn us before putting in a major spoiler.  
 4. Reviews that's really just a re-telling of a book - Kind of related to the spoilers since they can contain spoilers. Yeah, you can tell me some of what the book is about, but I don't need a re-telling of the entire thing, then what's the fun in reading it myself? Of course some like this and that's okay, but I prefer to read it myself - and if this is the case with a review I just myself from reading too much of it. 
 5. Being mean in reviews - It's okay you didn't like the book, no reason to be mean about it and go on and on about how bad it was. It's fine, it wasn't for you, that's fine. 
 6. CAPTCHA - It just makes it that much harder to comment on a post. My computer is getting old and slow and with these there's a lot of loading and more loading if it's typed wrong so it just gets to be a hassle. 
 7. Crazy long giveaway requirements - don't have to be thát hard to enter a giveaway. Somehow it can annoy me when they're not international, but that's because of where I live and sometimes I really want to be able to win something and I just can't. I do understand that they can't all be international because of crazy shipping costs etc. 

So couldn't get it to ten, sorry. 


  1. #4 Yeah, please don't give me a summary of what happens and two sentences at the end about how awesome it was. I can't stand reviews like that. It's a synopsis not a review.

    #5 I don't mind when people rant about books, but keep the author out of it. Don't need to make it personal. It's like me ranting about how a farmer doesn't know how to grow oranges just because I had a sour one. One bad orange doesn't equal bad farmer. Bad orange = bad orange. Now....two or three bad oranges and then maybe you can start blaming the farmer for his apparent lack of farming skills.

    #6 Captcha. Captcha. Captcha. I think if I write it enough times I might learn how to spell it. I don't like it either though. It's like ketchup on oatmeal....though ketchup is good, it is not a good substitute for syrup.

    EDIT: You have captcha......(need more dots)......

    1. I have CAPTCHA? :O Sorry! It shouldn't be there. But now it should really be gone.


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