Criss' not so (or maybe a little) hostile takeover! Feature & Follow #13

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Hello blog people!  My name is Criss Garreth and this week I'm keeping Christina tied up and taking over the blog. And trust me, we're gonna have some fun. You don't need to know much about me other than that I'm a werewolf and I'm awesome. The awesome part is really important. Remember that. 

This week's question:

How have your reading habits changed in the past few years? Did you get interested in a new genre? Do you read more? Less? Why do you think your habits changed, if they did.

Well, I guess I read more as a kid than I do now. Werewolf business keep me busy so not that much time. My mom used to read to me when I was little, but I guess that kind of doesn't count as reading. And why... well, I got older. I still read some, but gotta admit lot of it is to Krysta and Geoff's son, Aedan. And hey, those stories are good. I mean the one about baby otter and its mom. Adorable. Don't get much better than that. 
And reading stuff like Fifty shades of grey, like this week, is a change for sure. Never read that before. So that's really new for me. Guess I've never really read that many "adult" books. Gotta be honest, think I'll stick with the children's books. 

So say hi and comment all you will then you're awesome like me! 

That's it I guess.. 
And that's also it for this week. I know, I know.. It's sad, I'm leaving. You can go ahead and cry it's okay. 
It's been fun, but I gotta go. Better untie Christina as well before she bites her way free, can't have that. Feisty little thing she is. 
But okay...I'll be back - remember to say that in a terminator voice. 
Bye blog people!!! 

P.S - Christina here. Thanks for reading!
So that's it for Criss' takeover. Bye bye Criss! See you later. 
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  1. Aw, Criss... I just want to hug him and love him and make him read Fifty Shades to me. ;D


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