Criss' not so (or maybe a little) hostile takeover! Woods/ Criss Wednesday!

Hello blog people!  My name is Criss Garreth and this week I'm keeping Christina tied up and taking over the blog. And trust me, we're gonna have some fun. You don't need to know much about me other than that I'm a werewolf and I'm awesome. The awesome part is really important. Remember that. 

Woods Wednesday, tsk. This is Criss wednesday! 
It's all about me! Muhahahaha! 

So I've been reading in Fifty Shades of Grey and really I'm not even that impressed. Think I can do better than that dude, even though I'm not that f***'ed up- I'm awesome. Remember. 
I don't get what's gotten all the girls all squeeling and what not over it. But okay, it's fine, but damn it's a girly book. Not really me to be in a girls mind for that long. There's other more interesting places to be that's for sure. 
The food and what not sounds good in there though. Like to have me some of that. 
But for now I suppose it's time to finish this one. 

Christina usually has a picture or something so here. 
What I did today. 
Now they won't be up all night and I can sleep.. or you know, not sleep ;) 
Plus I can have my food to myself.
Just a normal day here in the Wood's house. 

That's it for today blog people, but don't worry. I'll be back tomorrow! Get excited! 

P.S - Christina here.
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  1. Okay. Hadn't seen this post yet. But how cuuuute! And that "There's other more interesting places to be that's for sure" xD Oh, Criss.


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