Re-readathon: Frostbite by Richelle Mead ~ Chapter 1 - 5

To keep up with our goal of re-reading more of our favorite books and re-discover them we created this challenge to help accomplish that goal. We will read five chapters each week with a blog post every sunday. 
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Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) by Richelle Mead

It’s winter break at St Vladimir’s, and a massive Strigoi vampire attack has put the school on high alert. This year’s trip away from the academy to the wintery peaks of Idaho has suddenly become mandatory.

But Rose’s troubles seem to follow her wherever she goes—dealing with the pain of knowing that her relationship with her tutor Dimitri can never be, things get even more complicated when one her closest friends admits his feelings for her.

The glittering winter landscape may create the illusion of safety but Rose—and her heart—are in more danger than she ever could have imagined...

*Remember there will be spoilers*

Chapter 1 & Prologue:
First sentence:
Things die. 
I didn't think my day could get any worse until my best friend told me she might be going crazy. 

The prologue is basically Rose talking about the important stuff like what is Moroi, Strigoi and Dhampir and all the other stuff that happened in the first book. 
In chapter 1 Rose and Dimitri go on a trip so that Rose can get her qualifier test, but as they get there they can tell something is wrong. Dimitri tells Rose to stay in the car so he can go in a check, but of course it's Rose so she does the opposite and go in. In there it's filled with bodies. Bodies killed by Strigoi. What's even worse is that they find out that the Strigoi are teaming up with humans. Not at all good. 

It was like he could read my mind sometimes. I smiled a little and dared a peek at him. It was a mistake. A long, lean body, obvious even while sitting. Bottomless dark eyes. Shoulder-length brown hair tied back at his neck. That hair felt like silk. I knew because I'd run my fingers through it when Victor Dashkov has ensnared us with the lust charm. With great restraint, I forced myself to start breathing again and look away. 

Chapter 2:
First sentence:
Dimitri made one phone call, and a vertitable SWAT team showed up. 

So Dimitri's so called SWAT team come check out what happened and they find something written on the wall about the royal family nearly being gone.. Rose is not at all happy over what happened and she wishes she could take on the Strigoi. When she returns to the Academy she goes to find Lissa and find her in the libary with Christian. Rose then tells them about the house and what happened. 

The mirror and its warning consumed me for the rest of our stay at the house, and I found my fea and shock transforming into anger.

Chapter 3:
First sentence:
The lobby of my dorm was abuzz when I sprinted downstairs to my before-school practice. 

In chapter 3 everybody is happy since apparently they're going on a ski trip- Rose thinks it's weird at first since she doesn't know why they're happy considering what happened, but Mason comes and explains it to her. Afterwards she goes to train with Dimitri and he's holding a stake! Which Rose thinks means that she's finally gonna learn how to kill a Strigoi, but as it turns out Dimitri has a different plan. He asks questions about where the heart is and staking of the dummies. So yeah, that killing Strigoi with a stake will take some more practice. After that Rose goes to class where there's a couple of guardians and one of them is Rose mother! *Gasp!* 

"God," muttered Mason. "That guy is always working you. Doesn't he realize he's depriving us of your beauty and charm?" "Smiling face?" Beauty and charm? You're laying it on a little thick this morning, aren't you?" I laughed. "Hey, I'm just telling it like it is. Really, you're luckyto have someone as suave and brilliant as me paying this much attention to you."

Chapter 4:
First sentence:
I couldn't believe it.

So it turns out that the reason Rose's mother and the other guardians are there is because of what happened in the house. They share experiences with the class. Rose isn't happy with it all since she hasn't seen her mother in years and there she is just like that. So when it's her mother who share experience Rose raises her hand and asks questions which leads to her being well kicked out of class. A while later her mother comes to talk to her, it doesn't go well of course. A lot of tension between those two. 
Rose gets to let off some steam in her training with Dimitri however, she kicks some dummie ass, and even with a stake. Dimitri even tells her she did good and that makes a happy Rose. Adorable! 

When practice ended, he took the stake back and nodded his approval. "Good. Very good."I glanced at him in surprise. He didn't usually hand out a lot of praise."Really?" "You do it like you've been doing it for years."

Chapter 5:
First sentence:
I had no idea what Dimitri was talking about, but I followed along obediently.

Dimitri takes Rose to meet Christian's aunt Tasha because he wants her to learn about how not all marks are badges of honor. Tasha is pretty great, she takes care of herself and can even defend herself. She doesn't have any guardians around due to what happened with Christian's parents, but she even has a regular job as a martial arts teacher and in the human world even. Even though it's not really fair Tasha seems to not really mind, it's how her life is. 
And awwwww Dimitri called Rose for Roza! ^^ 

When he spoke, it was to echo his earlier thoughts, "You're a fast learner, Roza."


  1. It is awesome meeting the characters like Tasha all over again! We forget how small some of these character started out :)

    Great post Christina! Bring on the next 5 chapters :)

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.


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