Review: "Primordial Dust" by Sarah Daltry

Primordial Dust by Sarah Daltry

A princess, trained to behave. An assassin, betrothed to her. A thief, whose eyes she dreams of at night. A kingdom at war, torn apart by the suppression of magic and truth, as well as family secrets that threaten to destroy decades of peace.
Questions of loyalty, of morality, and of free will culminate in a fantasy novel about forging one’s own path and choosing one’s own destiny.

 My rating:
*spoiler free*

Primordial Dust happens in the kingdom of Anora and centers around Princess Alondra. When we first meet her she's on the battlefield commanding the army and looking over the deaths that has happened. Part one of the book we get to see what happens in the present, but also before that, what happened before the battle took place. Here we see two very different sides of Alondra, the bored Princess in the past and the Princess in charge. Alondra wasn't happy with her planned marriage with Seamus, but after the battle he's the one she turns to for friendship. 

This was one magical journey. Sometimes switching between past and present can get confusing, but I must admit here it worked. I loved seeing what it was that lead to the battle and how much Alondra changed. What also worked was that it didn't continue that way, after a while it's switched to just now perspective. If it would have continued like that I think it would have become to much, the beginning it worked because of the start of the book and everything and it was a nice way to just reveal almost what it was that did this. 
You can really tell how Alondra grows from being the Princess to being able to rule and actually living up to who she is. Seamus has his secret, but still stays by Alondra and you can't help but love him. 

Definitely a must read book if you're into fantasy. There's still a bit of romance in there, but it doesn't play the biggest part in the book. 
What really had me hooked with this book was the amazing writing! It created this wonderful universe that you felt part. Gorgeous. 

About the author: 

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. :) In case you hadn’t already figured it out, I’m an author. I suppose I’m known best for the series, ‘Flowering’, a six-title series that explores the complexities of relationships, including how we survive the damage from our pasts with the support of those who love us. Although the books are not currently available, they will be reworked – and improved – in the next few months. 

As a former English teacher and YA library coordinator, my passion has always been Young Adult literature. ‘Dust’, an epic fantasy novel where romance blends with the blood and grit of war, is my second official foray into YA, following the gamer geek romantic comedy, ‘Backward Compatible’.

I love writing; I look forward to weaving tales of magic and beauty for you to enjoy. I’m extremely introverted and I don’t spend a lot of time socializing on social media, but don’t feel like your comments and questions are unwelcome! I am always happy to discuss the magic of stories and reading, even if I am sometimes slow about responding. Please stop by and say hello anywhere I am online! These are my actual sites and I do engage as much as I can handle.

I’ve moved back and forth between independent and traditional publishing and I don’t feel strongly about either. For me, it’s about the story; the rest if window dressing. My first novel, ‘Bitter Fruits’, is with Escape, an imprint of Harlequin Australia, and I just signed with Little Bird Publishing in the spring of 2014.

I have also written ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,’ a reimagining of one of my favorite poems in a contemporary setting.


  1. This sounds like a fantastic book! I love princesses, thieves and assassins, but I do love romance too ;).

    I'm also liking that you're reading City of Heavenly Fire and I've nominated you for the 7 Deadly Sins book tag. Come check it out on my blog.

    The Life of Little Me


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