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In my mailbox!

Ascend by Amanda Hocking! 
I'm so excited to read the last one! And as the previous books, amazing cover. Beautiful. 

Review: "City of Lost Souls"

My rating:
So my rating is pretty obvious, of course I loved it! It's The Mortal Instrument and Cassandra Clare! It's Jace and Clary, Malec, Simon and all the other Shadowhunters and downworlders!
I wanna keep this review spoiler free since most have only just gotten their copy of COLS so don't wanna give too much away. There are gonna be some small things, but nothing major will be revealed. 
So, we start of, as with most Cassandra Clare books, with  a poem.
No man choosesevil because it is evil.
He only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks. -Mary Wollstonecraft. 
Reading this again after having read the book, I can't say anything but that it is perfect! It really fits. There is so many times where Clary looks at Jace while he is bound to Sebastian aka Sathan (Sebastian and Jonathan together) and think to herself if he is happy like he is. He looks happy and acts happy. She has no way of knowing if it's because of the bond with Sebastian doing it, or if this …

In my mailbox!

Hate that I haven't been able to do this before but here it is!
City of Lost Souls! :D 
It's feel surreal to have it. And I got it one week before it's published- made my day.