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Primordial Dust Release Day Blitz!

Book Info:
Title: Primordial Dust
Author: Sarah Daltry
Genre: Fantasy (Romance/YA)

A princess, trained to behave. An assassin, betrothed to her. A thief, whose eyes she dreams of at night. A kingdom at war, torn apart by the suppression of magic and truth, as well as family secrets that threaten to destroy decades of peace.
Questions of loyalty, of morality, and of free will culminate in a fantasy novel about forging one’s own path and choosing one’s own destiny.

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Alusia smiles wanly. “What happened in Kooram?” she asks.
“There was a party. We were dancing. Seamus and I were celebrating our engagement...” I pause, ashamed. He sits beside me, unaware of my role in this, oblivious to my own deception. “It was my fault.”
Seamus takes my hand. “Alondra, stop. You know this has nothing to do with you.”
“It has everything to do with her,” Alusia interrupts. “And her mother.”
“Look, although Alon…

Review: "Play Me" by Blue Ashcroft

Play Me by Blue Ashcroft

Living in a mansion with three hot dudes could be any girl’s dream…it’s just not Kira Wilson's. Not when Alex Dumont is one of them. 

Other girls know him as A1pha, a beautiful, arrogant pro gamer and newly minted billionaire. Kira knows him as an ex crush and a major pain in the butt. But he’s also an old friend and gaming buddy, and when she needs to hide from her abusive ex, she knows that Alex and his roommates Ethan and Ollie (her former gaming teammates) are the right friends to depend on.

Despite the rocky history between them, Kira knows Alex is right when he states that no one can protect her better than he can. Kira's just not sure that physical safety is worth the danger the grudge-holding, haunted, and utterly delicious pro gamer poses to her heart. 

But with her ex hot on her trail, and Alex looking at her in a way that’s hard to resist, she'd better figure it out soon. 

Important note from the author!
A1pha Episode 1 is the first novella in…

Feature & Follow #16

Feature & Follow is a weekly meme hosted on friday by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read to gain new followers and make new friends!

This week's question: Post a photo of your favorite coffee mug (or mugs if you can’t choose just one).
Oh noes, don't get me started on my mugs, haha. To me it's teacups though since I don't drink coffee. Well teacups and hot chocolate cups.  I love to have all sorts of different ones and I always get so jealous to see all the kinds of mugs that are available anywhere else than here in Denmark. But I've collected some that I love and we just got Starbucks in my town so I got that lovely reindeer mug there last year and I love it! It's so cute. Other than that there's my huge flower one, hello kitty, owl one and my little clock teacup. 

Say hi in the comments and leave me a link to your post :)

Throwback Thursday #28

Throwback Thursday is a bookish meme hosted every two weeks by me and Stephanie @Bookfever where we feature books that we've read in the past but are still crazy about. It could be a book you read as a child and still remember and love or maybe just a book that you haven't read in a long time and want to show your love for.Each week we'll be featuring a new random question to answer!

My pick this week:

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

It’s springtime at St. Vladimir’s Academy and Rose is close to graduation, but since making her first Strigoi kills, things haven’t felt quite right. She’s having dark thoughts, behaving erratically, and worst of all... might be seeing ghosts.Consumed by her forbidden love with her tutor Dimitri and protecting her best friend, the Moroi princess Lissa, Rose is in no state to see the deadly threat that will change her entire world—and make her choose between the two people she loves most.

Yet another fantastic Vampire Academy book from Richelle Mead. …

Boomerang FREE First Part Serial Blog Blitz!

Publicity Contact: Megan Schumann 212-207-7108/
BOOMERANG —a Boomerang novel— By Noelle August On sale July 8, 2014
“August…delivers a solid new adult trilogy launch. Mia and Ethan alternate viewpoints in this engaging story of young up-and-comers balancing responsibilities and desires.” – Publishers Weekly
Boomerang is the dating site for millennials, but their offices might be even steamier than the hook-ups people find on theirwebsite…

William Morrow is thrilled to publish Noelle August’s BOOMERANG (William Morrow Trade Paperback, On-sale: July 8, 2014, ISBN: 9780062331069; $13.99), the latest hot summer read!Readers can’t get enough of New Adult lit, and Noelle August is at the forefront of this phenomenon. With genre-bending characters, drama,and a fresh, fun premise, BOOMERANG showcases a hilariously charming, deliciously sexy style.