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Review: With a Twist by Staci Hart

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*Beware, can contain spoilers*

With a Twist is an amazing book about friend to lovers. You get to be in the lives of the characters and experince what happens as suddenly they realize that friendship might not be the only thing between them. 
Lily's passion is ballet so love hasn't been her priority, she's spent years climbing the ranks at the New York City Ballet, however when the boy, Blane, who she has had a crush on for years becomes available she goes straight for it. The fantasy was better than real life though, but that doesn't stop her from trying to make it work and hopefully live the fantasy. She'll realize that love has been close by all along.  Ever since Lily moved into the building her and West Williams have been friends, but when Lily starts her relationsip with Blane, West must realize that maybe there's more to the friendship than what they both thought. Timing has just never been on their side. 
What I really loved with this book was how…