The Valentine’s Book Blogger Challenge - Day 3: The cheesiest romance scenes or topics you have read in a book.

  Hosted by Rachel @ParaJunkee

Day 3: The cheesiest romance scenes or topics you have read in a book.

This is a hard one. .
Most books that people think are cheesy I just find cute. Recently I read "Let it snow" and a lot of the reviews were saying it was cheesy and what not, but I didn't think so- and it was a christmas book so yeah it's supposed to be happy and yeah maybe a bit cheesy. 
So I'm not really sure, maybe I just like cheesy romances.
I'm sure there's some, but I forget in the process of the rest of the book and other books as well. 
If I had to choose some books without remembering specific scenes it would be either from Dark Lover by J. R Ward or Lover Eternal. I rememeber a lot of eyerolls, mostly with the second. Some of the romance stuff was just.. no. 


  1. This one was very hard. And I also forget about any cheesy scenes when I read the rest of a book.
    Again with the BDB bashing, huh? Okay maybe that one scene... I don't know if you remember, but in the first book when Beth and Wrath (I think xD) have sex for the first time was a little... well, maybe not cheesy but I don't know. They didn't even know each other, right?

    Anyway... rant over. xD

    1. Oh I can go on and on and on and on....I don't hate HATE them, but.. sigh. I'll never get to the end of that series. Unless some day I have nothing else to read (ha!)
      EXACTLY! xD


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