The Valentine’s Book Blogger Challenge - Day 4: Love-Triangles. The ones that worked for you. The ones that didn’t.

Hosted by Rachel @ParaJunkee

Day 4: Love-Triangles. The ones that worked for you. The ones that didn’t.

Worked for me:

Wanda/Melanie - Jared - Ian
The host by Stephenie Meyer

Kind of different love triangle since it ends up as a foursome in the end. 
Wanda is in Melanie's body and also has her feelings along with her own so therefore Wanda is in love with Jared due to Melanie's memories and her feelings, but Wanda has feelings of her own and she's in love with Ian. 
Pretty complicated for one of my favorite ones for sure. 
You kind of hate on Jared because you want Ian to be with Wanda and Jared can also be really a jerk (therefore the term "being a Jared" is something frequently used). However you still want Jared and Melanie to be together because they love eachother.
 Luckily that all worked out in the end. 

Will - Jem - Tessa
The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Really well done this one. You have a lot of mixed feelings because you like both Will and Jem and want them both to have their happy end. What also did it was the fact that they all loved eachother, Will and Jem love eachother and they're both willing to step aside and let the other get the girl. Tessa also loved both of them and that's also what makes it hard for her to make her choice. It really just worked. 

Rose - Dimitri - Adrian
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Even though I loved loved looved Adrian and wanted him to have his happy end and all, I was happy it wasn't with Rose. He deserved more, someone who wants him and only him. 
Rose and Dimitri fit together so I felt it was right that they ended together as well. 

Didn't work:

Zoey and.... everybody?
House of Night by P.C Cast & Kristin Cast

This says something:

It was just too much! I pretty mich stoppd reading because I was so tired of Zoey. Seems like her hormones are on steriods or something, she wants.. everybody? Really didn't work. Heath, Erik, Loren- that's only the start of it. 


  1. The Host, The Infernal Devices... yes yes yes! =D Haha Zoey and everybody. Pretty much. And Loren, right! I couldn't remember his name. What a mess that was!

  2. I never made it through The Host. It was a DNF for me.


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